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A community of Canadian Beer Advocates

Being “Here for Beer” means joining together with other Canadians from coast to coast to support Canada’s great brewing heritage.

We are a community that shares a common goal of promoting the adoption of modern and responsible beer regulation at the municipal, provincial, and federal level. Here for Beer unites all aspects of beer’s production, distribution and sale including brewers, farmers, maltsters, retailers, bartenders, servers, and adult consumers.

By working collectively with a common purpose, we can make a real difference and ensure a strong Canadian brewing sector for generations to come.


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Beer is known as a drink of moderation and has been an integral part of backyard barbecues, summers at the cottage, concerts, festivals, sporting events and anytime friends get together to celebrate life for generations.

Today, Canadian beer is made in every region and corner of the country generating positive economic, social, and other benefits to communities large and small.

Beer is an adult beverage and should be bought and consumed only for and by those of the legal drinking age and always enjoyed responsibly and in moderation.




In addition to direct advocacy of elected officials and their staff, it’s also important for us to make our case for modern and responsible beer regulation including fair taxes with the public and the media in our public communications.


Canadian beer has a rich history and is renowned worldwide. Everyone in the Canadian beer industry works hard to produce and pour high-quality beer, from brewers to barley farmers and bartenders.

Taxes represent
almost 50% of the
price of beer – One of
the highest beer tax
rates in the world

Our beer is made from
barley and other grains
grown on Canadian farms.
We purchase more than
300,000 tonnes of
Canadian grain a year.

1,230 brewers across
every province and

Beer is essential to
hospitality & tourism

Brewing contributes
more than $13.6
billion to Canada’s
GDP annually

Beer is a drink of

Beer helps bring
people and
communities together

Beer sales generate
more than $5.7 billion
annually in government
tax revenues

88% of all beer enjoyed
Canadians is made here


Nearly 50% of the price of beer in Canada are taxes, amongst the very highest in the world. Your favorite pint is made by master brewers from barley and other cereals grown here by family farms. It’s delivered by rail or truck to your local alcohol retailer, but tax is the single largest component of the price you pay – a tax rate five times higher than in the U.S. and significantly higher than in most EU countries.And yet,

Canada automatically increases federal beer taxes each year on April 1st. This inflation-indexing of beer taxes occurs without a vote or debate in Parliament and puts upward pressure on beer prices and worse of all, it actually fuels inflation.

With sky-high inflation pushing prices higher for food, gas and housing at the fastest pace in decades, the last thing Canadians need is another beer tax increase. We believe our governments should do their best to keep life affordable, not make it more expensive.

Ask your MP to stop automatic inflation-indexed increases to beer’s excise duties to help consumers, hospitality sector workers and hard working Canadians.

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Every MP has a voice and wants to hear what’s important top their local businesses and voters. Tell them you want them to support a freeze on beer taxes!

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Email your MP and the Minister of Finance to ask them to stop the automatic inflation-indexed increases to beer excise duties

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