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Beginnings With Barley

Barley is an enzyme-rich grain that is used in almost all beers. It’s also rich in flavours and starches required for a great brew. Other grains are sometimes used to make beer, but barley is often a staple in all beers. Canadian beer is mainly made with Canadian barley, which is of excellent quality and prized by brewers worldwide.1Malthouse Magic

Malthouse Magic

Our prized barley is held in a malt house for some time before they are transported to a brewery. There, talented artisans work their magic, undergoing a fascinating and ancient process that transforms them into barley malts. This process unleashes a variety of colours and flavours that give each beer style its distinctness.

The Brewmasters Art

A brewmaster’s experience, talent and skill are the other essential ingredients needed to craft a great beer. Each brewery has its brewmaster who decides the combination of ingredients to use, creates recipes and makes the final call on decisions and other factors like temperatures that come together to create the perfect brew.

From Starches to Sugars

Barley malt contains high levels of starches and enzymes. These starches are converted to sugars when the crushed malt (grist) is combined with warm water to create a mash. Yeast is added, and the sugars are transformed into alcohol.

Wort We Want

In a process called lautering, the converted mash goes through a separation process. The clear sugary liquid is strained from residual solids, and the solids are discarded or sold as animal feed. This liquid is called “wort” and is the first stage of what we later enjoy as beer.

It’s the wort we want

When the conversion is complete, the mash is divided. The clear, sugary liquid is strained from the residual solids in a process called lautering. The solids are often sold as animal 6feed. The liquid, called wort, will go on to become beer.


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