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Suggestions to incorporate beer into your cooking

Beer has a vast range of properties, making it a great partner in the kitchen. It can be applied like other liquids used for cooking but a few
considerations should be kept in mind. Try to match the intensity of the beer to the fare you are serving. Generally speaking, beers of
low-bitterness are best for cooking. Beer should not be reduced, as even a marginally bitter beer may become too bitter in the final product.
Small amounts of bitterness can be balanced by a hint of acidity, salt or sweetness. Like the good rule of thumb says, taste
(and take a sip) as you go!

Bake with it!

Using beer in baking helps to add moisture, flavour and
the carbonation acts as a leavening agent, fluffing up the
mix.odio, vel porttitor nisi mollis nec

Macerate fruit

by soaking it in beer. Fresh fruit bathed in your favourite
strong or fruit beer will become saturated with the beer’s

Use as a batter

For fish. A good rule is the lighter the fish, the lighter the
beer. Beer’s carbonation will create a fluffy batter.

Marinate meat!

Beer is a great marinade because its carbonation and
enzymes help to break down proteins in meat, tenderizing
and flavouring it at the same time.

You can use it to braise

in the oven or on a grill with the lid closed. Beer can be a
covering liquid and cook at very low temperatures for a
long time.

Poach fish

using beer over low heat, adding a small amount of beer
for the fish to rest in. Beer will moisturize the fish and add
flavour.odio, vel porttitor nisi mollis nec

Deglaze with it

after you have caramelized onions in a frying pan, add a
small amount of beer to help to remove scrapings from
the bottom of the pan and add more flavour!


your meal at a lower heat and add a little beer for flavour
being careful not to boil the beer away to its
bitter ingredients.


beer to add moisture to the outside of your favourite BBQ
meat. It will keep the meat moist while adding flavour.


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